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welcome to eden

they are coming...

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Welcome to

Eden is where people come, and they don’t leave. A street with multiple little alleys running off of it, the whole area is completely shut off from the outside world by an impenetrable brick wall. At the north end of the street, someone has scrawled the word ‘EDEN’ across the brick wall.

There’s graffiti everywhere. It’s in writing that looks strange is near-impossible to read. Scattered around the street are half-burnt pages of what looks a little like a diary. Most of it can’t be read, but the pieces of paper that are visible talk about someone – or something – coming.

[in the night, they come]

[we can hear them scratching at the walls]

[yesterday the wall shook]

[not long now]

[they scream. oh god, we can hear them screaming]

[they are coming]

At night, there are strange noises. Howls, screams, angry snarls from just beyond the wall. Noises that shouldn’t even be thought about, because if you do you’ll get shivers up your spine.

And as time goes on, the noises get louder….

Eden is where people come, and they don’t leave.




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